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Author Topic: The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer: The title doesn't make any more sense in context  (Read 1512 times)
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« on: October 12, 2009, 04:24:13 PM »

[17:05:42] <Shere> you know all those shounen shows where some guy happens to get superpowers and has to save the world
[17:05:52] <Shere> this time the guy gets shitty superpowers from a lizard and hates everything
[17:05:57] <Madddog6900> haha
[17:06:19] <Shere> the lizard tells him to protect the princess
[17:06:38] <Shere> the princess schoolgirl who wants to destroy the world
[17:06:46] <Shere> ...before the aliens can destroy it with their giant space hammer
[17:06:55] <Madddog6900> made of buiscuts?
[17:07:07] <Shere> no its mostly just a giant space hammer
[17:07:12] <Cazesudo> lol
[17:07:14] <Shere> It reminds me of the giant iron in FLCL
[17:07:21] <Shere> it just looms in the distance

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[17:07:30] <Shere> no one knows what it does
[17:07:33] <Shere> only that its bad
[17:07:47] <Shere> her reasoning for wanting to destroy the planet is
[17:07:51] <Shere> it belongs to her
[17:07:58] <Madddog6900> so shes not just a princess
[17:07:59] <Shere> she cant let someone else destroy it first you see
[17:08:01] <Madddog6900> shes princess, of the world
[17:08:24] <Shere> he does the most natural thing and pledges his undying allegiance to her
[17:08:33] <Madddog6900> is she hot
[17:08:56] <Falkon|Laptop> kerboom
[17:09:11] <Shere> not especially, no

[17:09:28] <Madd|Laptop> then why would he do such a thing
[17:09:49] <Shere> because he hates everything
[17:10:28] <Shere> In the funny, apathetic way, not the Sasuke NO YOU DONT UNDERSTAND way
[17:10:42] <Madd|Laptop> sure is
[17:10:44] <Madd|Laptop> manface
[17:10:57] <Madd|Laptop> i think its the eyebrows
[17:11:06] <Shere> the drawings get better as it progresses
[17:12:57] <Shere> the irony of protecting the princess is that she's the invincible princess

The funny thing about this manga is it's not even especially well written. None of the characters really even have proper motivation for anything, but it's very simple to overlook this because of the way this story subverts shounen tropes. It might be just me but it gives off very FLCL-esque vibes. There's a giant, looming, ill-described entity trying to destroy earth, monsters appearing from seemingly nowhere attacking for no reason at all, an apathetic protagonist who falls in love with the strangest candidate and the story really just spends no time on the details. I'm only 13 chapters in myself, but this is well worth a read for the types who don't mind shounen, panty shots, and backwards writing. Basically, if you want something that's inexplicably charming in spite of its faults, this is for you.

The art, as mentioned, starts off rather poor and very gradually gets better, so try not to be put off by that.

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