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Author Topic: Streaming List: "I have half a terrabyte of anime and you want to watch Akikan?"  (Read 2389 times)
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Giant list of every series I have, sans anything from the current season which we're watching anyway.

Let's break this shit down, sort it into genres and shit. I'm generalizing a lot here, most of these shows can fit into 3+ categories. I'm going by predominant theme or in other words, the theme that becomes the primary focus of the show. There's no way to split these up that does every series absolute justice, so I'm going to write short blurbs that describe what else the show does and how much I remember enjoying it.

Melodrama/Romance/Girly Shit

AIR is, first and foremost, based upon a KEY visual novel. This being the first blurb is as good a place as any to define what this means. KEY bases visual novels around melodrama and all around making readers cry like little girls. AIR is a pretty show, it's short, but I've never met anyone satisfied with the plot, which is all a bunch of bullshit tailor made to be extremely sad/unfortunate. I didn't enjoy this one very much. To describe it simply (SPOILERS AHEAD): AIR is about this adorable girl who acts cute and then dies a slow and lingering death for reasons entirely beyond her control.

Clannad is another KEY VN,  and surprise it's depressing melodrama. Clannad is about several girls, but the main girl in the anime is Nagisa, a frail highschool student who has repeated her senior year due to missing too many days by being frail and sickly. She meets Tomoya, a delinquint boy who for some reason or another takes a liking to her and things progress from there. He gives her confidence and helps her make friends and blah blah blah. The highschool part is only half of the story, season 2 is entirely about their life AFTER high school. Here's the primary difference: Between bouts of melodrama, season one is hilarious with a very large supporting cast. Season two is about Nagisa and Tomoya only after episode 7 or so, and while it's still funny, the comedy is slowly phased out in favor of drama. Very pretty show, sometimes a very funny show, but not for everyone.

Ef - A tale of memories
Ef is a Shaft show about 3 separate and extremely melodramatic love stories. Its primary selling point is its strange art style which employs the use of odd filters and camera angles, as well as unique scene direction to mask still frames and the show's tiny, tiny budget. At times the show looks really cool, but other times it spends 7 minutes on a single still frame. Some people will tell you this show is a work of art, but don't be fooled. It's merely an experiment in budget saving measures, above all else. The stories are pretty standard. There's a love triangle, a guy chasing after a girl who loves someone else, and a girl with a very strange illness trying to overcome her handicap. It's a short show (12 eps), and I think that's why I enjoyed it at all.

Hanbun no Tsuki (Not the full title, it's about terminally ill people or something):
Here's the deal, I don't remember much about this show except the basic facts. It's a short, 6 episode OVA series about a boy who has pneumonia or something and is hospitalized. While there he meets a girl his age who is actually terminally ill with some heart condition and they develop a relationship. That's all I remember, I can't even recall how it ends.

This show is about an introverted high school girl who gets roped into joining the drama club. You can see where this is going. She doesn't want to do it because she's quiet and shy, but actually she has a good acting voice and it's about getting her to stop being such a wuss. Drama develops halfway through the series because there are two drama clubs for some reason or something. All I really remember about this show is

Honey & Clover:
This is one of my old favorites but in hindsight it was actually a very strange show. Generally speaking, it's about a group of art school students during their years at the school. Throughout the series, relationships develop and such and it's mostly hilarious comedy bits spaced out with creepy drama. The drama is creepy because half of it is college guys fawning over this really young looking girl named Hagu. In spite of this, the show is good, very good when it's funny. I have yet to see another show with the same amazing sense of humor. For reference, this is where that TWISTA GAME scene came from. You know, "Passion Blue...".

Kanon: The third Kyoto-animation produced KEY Visual Novel show on the list is this. Kanon falls somewhere in between AIR and Clannad in terms of drama:comedy ratio. Basically it's this guy voiced by Kyon who returns to his home town where it appears to snow perpetually. It turns out that he doesn't remember much about the time he spent there previously, which is odd because when he was 10 he was a goddamned pimp. Every girl he meets (there are like half a dozen) was in some way affected by him and his abrupt disappearance 7 years prior. Lots of terminally ill girls/magical melodrama bullshit is to be found within this lazily paced snow-themed  melodrama.

REC is an interesting show for a few reasons. First of all, it's only 11 or 12 half episodes (12-13 minutes long). Second, the two main characters have implied sex at the end of the first episode after the chick's apartment burns down. The rest of the series is romcom stuff, the girl moves in with the guy on a temporary basis and it turns out that she's a voice actor and he works in marketing and they wind up working together etc. Short, but simple. IIRC there is very little payoff/closure.

I want to summarize this but all I remember is it's 11 episodes long, features centuries old moe demon chicks who can't go out in the sunlight and was wholly generic throughout.

Toradora isn't over yet, it's about 21 episodes in as of writing this. When it began, it played off as a moe version of the odd couple, it was about the purely platonic relationship between a neat-freak but yakuza-looking guy and a short, ill-tempered girl who can barely take care of herself. For the first dozen episodes it's entirely light-hearted and actually quite funny at times. After that begins the love triangles and endless dramabombs incited by the guy not doing anything except stammering. I can't say it's gone completely to shit but it took a sharp turn onto generic road about 10 episodes ago and hasn't stopped.

True Tears:
Cut and dry love triangle show about a guy, some bitch and some :downs: bitch. There's another chick who wants his cock but no one cares. Very generic, very forgettable.

Slice of Life/"It's a show about nothing!"/Really, it's about something but nothing happens.

Aria Seasons 1-3:
Aria is about a group of undine (female gondoliers) on a futuristic terraformed version of Mars. I swear to god. The main character is a girl named Akari, and she basically spends three seasons rowing her boat around, meeting interesting people and learning new things about the city where she lives, Neo-Venezia. This is, hands down, the most relaxing show I have ever seen. It's quite literally about nothing, but it's slow pacing is the point. This isn't a show you can marathon, and it's not a show you will remember much about, but it's a great series with beautiful art, music and animation. It's not for everyone, but as far as slice-of-life goes, this is some of the best you will find.

Bamboo Blade:
This one is about... you guessed it, kendo! Basically, a teacher (voiced by the guy who did Kamina) who also coaches the kendo club struggles to keep the club alive, at the start he only has one actual member (the team captain), a couple of delinquent boys, and a member who never shows up. To have a proper kendo club he needs a team of at least five. Five girls, to be precise, so that they can enter matches (kendo teams need 5 members). The show just follows the everyday nonsense that goes on at the kendo club and the quirky, gimmicky characters within it.

You already know what this is.

Hidamari Sketch:
Show about a group of high-school aged students who go to an art school and live in a dormatory across the street from it. This is the show that spawned the x|__________| faces you see every now and then. It's from the creators of Pani Poni Dash, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, and Maria + Holic, but it was produced on a miniscule budget. It's much, much, slower paced than any of those 3 shows and contains less comedy. The comedy is still present, but it's not a laugh-a-minute show. It's mostly just about their everyday lives. Good show if you're in the mood for that sort of thing.

Manabi Straight:
Manabi Straight is about a group of highschool students in the future seizing their high school days and getting their fellow students to do so as well. It's set in the future where fewer and fewer people view high school as a necessity, (I forget why) and as a result high schools are closing and people just see it as a waste of time to go. Then our protagonist with gradient hair shows up and starts screaming and 11 episodes later everyone is happy or something. I don't remember many of the details, and the characters are drawn to look so young that it's well into creepy territory, but I remember at least finishing it? This was at least 3 years ago so vOv.

This show has a very original gimmick: It's about a college student who can see microbes. Or rather, he can see the cartoony, super deformed manifestations of microbes. It's actually really interesting and somewhat educational. Every episode features a different microbe at the end, which explains what it's supposed to be. Other than the defining gimmick, the show is mostly about the everyday life of this guy, how he uses (or doesn't use) his power and how weird all of his friends are. There's a trap, an old guy who sucks out fermented something from the ass of a dead bird, a semi-normal chick who has implied lesbian sex, and some angry tsundere scientist, just to name a few. It's 11 episodes long, but very entertaining for the gimmick alone.

Nodame Cantabile:
Another slice of life show about art students but this time it's college and it's musical arts, rather than visual. This one really is like the odd couple. It's about this guy named Chiaki who is a genius piano and violin student who aspires to be a conductor. He's also a neat freak. He plays straight man to Nodame, whose piano playing is as carefree and reckless as everything else about her. Her apartment is a pig sty, she can't cook and she's a complete mess. However, many, including Chiaki, are impressed by her piano playing. Things progress from there when Chiaki begins helping Nodame out by cleaning her place up and feeding her, she rather quickly develops a crush on him, you see where this is going. They spend two seasons, or about 35 episodes just advancing all these plot lines, lots of good orchestral music, and jokes on par with Honey and Clover, there's very little drama to be found, it's mostly just relaxing and a very good watch.

Shigofumi is about mail carriers. Not just any postal workers mind you, special ones with magical wand/staffs that deliver messages from the dearly departed. Essentially the gimmick is this: When someone dies they are given the chance to write a letter to any one person, I forget the exact reasoning behind who is chosen, but these letters can contain anything really. The main character is a deadpan 15~ year old girl (I suppose it's worth noting at this point that in order to delivery shigofumi you must be dead as well) and the show mostly follows the people she's delivering the letters to. Sometimes it's a love letter, sometimes it's something much worse. It's an interesting gimmick, but they don't explore the potential well enough, and in fact the last 3 episodes have nothing to do with the gimmick at all. The one-shot stories are entirely hit-or-miss, but when they do it right it's depressing/interesting. It's only 11 or 12 episodes, IIRC.

Spice and Wolf:
Most people would say this show is about economics and a wolf-girl. That's basically what it is, but here's the thing: the economics part of it plays out like an "Economics for Dummies" book. They explain in moderate detail the idea of bartering as though it weren't the most basic form of trade on the planet. On the whole, though, it's more a show about the relationship between our seasoned, traveling trader guy and the wolf goddess he happened to meet by chance. That being said, I don't remember any of the specific events that take place within the show, only that I was outright offended by the detailed explanations of basic knowledge.

Comedy/Slapstick/Shows with actual jokes in them.

Azumanga Daioh:
The greatest "schoolgirls doing nothing" comedy ever made. We've all seen this, if you haven't seen this then you need to tell me.

This show is the definition of abomination. It's about fanservice and violent, gorey, comedy. In the first episode alone the protagonist misplaces his torso about 9 times. I really don't want to type out the plot to this.

Doujin Work:
A short comedy made up of 12 half-episodes about doujins and the artists who create them. The main character is a girl who for some reason aspires to be a doujin artist. The show mostly deals with awkward comedy stemming from the requirements of this 'job'. She has a bunch of weird friends in the doujin business including the giant, suit-wearing, overly-protective guy named Justice, the creepy/awesome acquaintance of the main character who sets up most of the awkward situations and so on.Pretty funny if you have at least a passing knowledge of the stuff.

Excel Saga:
I've never actually seen this to completion. It takes a certain state of mind to tolerate and enjoy a show like Excel Saga. When attempting to describe it, it's hard to avoid the overused phrase "____ on crack", because that is what it is. It's a rapid fire, random, wacky, 10 jokes per second show about a girl named Excel and a wide range of other characters. This show made the random/wacky comedy popular and is regarded to this day as one of the best. I still haven't gotten through episode 6. It's not something you can marathon, that's for damned sure.

Galaxy Angel:
You know, I've yet to watch the first episode of this. Someone on ADTRW was raving about it so I grabbed the dub, never bothered to watch it. It's apparently a wacky comedy in the same vein as the above, and about a bunch of girls or something.

Getsumen To Heiki Miina
This is a show about magical super-powered bunnygirls and a peanut baby who lives on the moon. It's the show that spawned the whole deepthroat carrot thing in IRC, and we've never seen anything but episode 1. I don't know what happens after that, frankly I don't really care. It's extremely generic, maybe it'll be worth making fun of one of these days ala Akikan.

Hayate The Combat Butler:
Hayate is a down-on-his-luck high school student working multiple jobs because his deadbeat parents ditched him to go gambling. One day he finds out that they left him with the bill, an extremely large amount of money (something in the 10's of millions US), and now the yakuza want to be paid or he's getting shipped off to "somewhere bad". He runs, of course, and while running through the park he runs into a young (and very rich) girl named Nagi and attempts to kidnap her, but she misinterprets the kidnapping as a spontaneous confession of love. One thing leads to another, she pays off his debt to the yakuza and has him work as a butler at her mansion. It's a show about references to other shows, mostly. It's long (50+ episodes, with more to come) and has a gigantic cast and lots of fanservice. It's a solid show, but many of the jokes are dependant upon having a decent knowledge of a wide range of anime.

Kyouran Kazokou Nikki:
This 26 episode long fast-paced comedy attempts to answer one simple question: What happens when you put a normal police officer, a catgirl, a gay guy, a simply lonely little girl, a sentient jellyfish, a weaponized cyborg, a lion and a schoolgirl all in one house to live as a family for the sake of saving the world?

Lucky Star:
See Haruhi.

Since we've already seen the good season you should all know what this is about. I guess I'll take this chance to explain the problems with season 2 and how season 3 is attempting to rectify them. Simply put, season 2 is a direct continuation of the first, except done by a different studio. The animation style changes, the colors become muted, and the character designs gain a bunch of creepy features like glassy, lifeless eyes. Not to mention, the weird tear-drop shaped mouths are gone entirely, as are the seriously detailed close-ups.That's not even getting to the fact that the comedic timing is entirely off, and the episodes are mostly geared towards getting every single character on screen for fanservice even when they offer nothing of value to the skit. Season 3 is like halfway between 1 & 2 on all counts. It's got some funny moments, the weird mouths are back kind of and many of the creepy flaws are gone. It's still only about half as good as season 1.

Muteki Kanban Musume:
This is a slapstick comedy about a girl who works at her family's ramen shop, she's primarily a delivery girl, though she rarely gets deliveries done properly. In her way are many challengers and obstacles, including the stuck-up girl from the shop across the street, a very angry dog, and some guy who has a score to settle from long ago. Almost all of the humor is violence-based. There are lots of fights and generally speaking this show is a shining example of Looney-Toons-Style slapstick anime done right. It's only 11 or 12 episodes long, but it was good.

Pani Poni Dash:
Another SHAFT/Shinbo show in the same vein as Maria Holic and Negima, fast paced nonsensical comedy show about a 10 year old MIT graduate named Rebecca Miyamoto who becomes a teacher at a japanese high school. Honestly, these shows are all very similar and follow the same basic formula. They ALWAYS have an extremely catchy, colorful and unique OP, they always contain tons of fanservice and they never make any sense. If you shut your brain off, remove it from your skull and put it on ice for a bit, you might be able to enjoy this. 26 episodes, and I have the DVDs so the dub is available.

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei:
ANOTHER SHAFT/SHINBO SHOW but this one has a different gimmick. It's about a teacher named Itoshiki Nozomu who is constantly in despair. Every single one of society's quirks drives him insane and he goes to great lengths to tell everyone about it, especially his class. His class is another thing entirely, featuring nearly a dozen one-dimensional gimmicks including Stalker girl, Normal girl, a perfectionist, a hikkikimori, an illegal immigrant, a foreigner, a doujinshi, a tail fetishist, a girl who can only talk through text messages, a balding invisible guy and much, much, more. Each character gets a half-episode and some episodes are just the teacher ranting. It's very funny, very dark but it still maintains the trademark Shaft/Shinbo stuff such as catchy OP/EDs, random references, and fanservice. 2 seasons, 24 episodes, 3 OVAs.

Seto No Hanayome:
Literally translated it means "The Bride of/from Seto". It's about a guy who nearly drowns but is saved by a beautiful mermaid (conveniently the same age as him). It turns out that when a mermaid is seen by a human the mermaid must then be executed. You see, these aren't just mermaids, they're mermaid yakuza. And the girl is the leader's daughter. Anyway, one thing leads to another and both parties realize that if the boy and girl get married then obviously there's no problem. This becomes the driving gimmick behind the show, which mostly relies on recurring gags and popular references. Mostly it's just about Nagasumi nearly being killed every episode by angry yakuza mermaids. Great show, vastly underappreciated. It only barely got subbed (the last 5 episodes took MONTHS to get shitty subs.) 25 episodes, very funny.

Welcome to the NHK:
Schaudenfreude quite simply means pleasure/delight at the misfortune of others. That is the principle behind this show, which is about a twenty(ish) year old guy who lives the life of a NEET (shut-in). His life his shitty, he has no friends, he's completely socially inept and deathly afraid of being out in public. The show is about his life, and the lives of all the batshit crazy people he meets, including his anime-addicted neighbor and the girl who is seemingly obsessed with helping him break out of his current life. This show will strike very close to home for some folks, it touches on a wide variety of topics including MMO addiction, anime/figurines/hentai, pyramid schemes, suicide cults/groups, psychological disorders and much more. It's also Gonzo's only decent show in recent memory. 24 episodes long.

Fanservice/H-Game Adaptations/Mindless Harem/Romcom shit
These are all almost identical but with different settings/gimmicks

Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun:
This one is about a succubus who can't control her powers, and some wealthy chick with drill hair. Also known as "Pinku" in IRC, so called because the main girl has pink hair.

He Is My Master:
Gainax show about a young (14 or 15?) boy who is very rich and lives alone, who winds up hiring two young girls who work as maids. The girls are running away from home for some reason. Turns out the guy is a tremendous pervert, he makes them wear extremely skimpy outfits and takes delight in picking on the tsundere older sister.

Kamisama Kazoku:
This one is about a family of gods/goddesses but it's mostly about the youngest son (who isn't Jesus, just saying that now) and his angel friend named Tenko who has a crush on him. The OP is really cool, most of you have asked about it in IRC. I don't remember shit about the show.

About a backwards vampire, she has to give blood to her victims or else something something. I don't ever want to watch this.

Harem show featuring witches/wizards. The protagonist is a boy living with his 3 sisters (who are witches). He doesn't know they're witches and they go to great lengths to prevent him from finding out. Turns out he has powers of his own and some chick comes along who needs him to break a curse or something.

Another Gainax show, this one is set in a future where we're at war with some ill-described alien race, but the war is being fought by special combat androids. The show is about one in particular named Mahoro, whom at the end of her service run has roughly 30 days of combat functionality remaining, but can live for up to a year and a half on just normal functions. She's released from the military and wishes to become a maid. Turns out this young boy (whose parents are dead) is looking to hire a maid because he lives alone. Show is mostly just about them running into monsters and fights and shit, as well as just plain old fanservice. The ending is complete and total GAINAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAX. 2 seasons, 25 episodes.

Mahou Sensei Negima:
A 10 year old wizard seeking to complete his training is sent to become a teacher at a japanese all-girls private middle school. The rules are simple: He can't let anyone know about him being a wizard. Guess what happens on day one? The show just basically deals with all of his students. The first season being a bunch of random one-off stories ripped from the manga, the second season being by SHAFT (director being Shinbo of course). The second season is completely random, has nothing to do with the original story, but is generally speaking the better of the two. This is all irrelevant because the manga is much better than either, and is basically just a shonen show, complete with powerups and fighting tournaments, but with fanservice throughout.

Nagasarete Airantou:
A teenage boy running away from home (for mostly undisclosed reasons) finds himself thrown overboard from a boat during a storm. When he regains conciousness he finds himself stranded on a not-quite deserted island. What sets this remote island apart from most others (amongst many other things) is that it is inhabited soley by women, most of them the same age as our protagonist. Hilarity ensues when the inhabitants have no idea how to behave around males. Can our protagonist adapt to life on this strange island full of strange girls, animals, and vegetation? This was like 26 episodes and I don't remember the ending.

School Days:
School days is the story of a man and his penis. It is the story of Makoto, a simple high school boy, who embarks on a journey to do what most men only dream of. It is a tale of learning, responsibility, and romance. Makoto is a man with priorities, his goal is simple: fuck every single named character in the show and avoid any and all responsibilities and consequences that this action entails. Some bitch is getting too clingy just because you happened to fuck her once? Block her cell number, avoid her at school and when she tries to talk to you whine like a donkey, do a 360, and moonwalk away. Some chick bitching that you knocked her up? Let her know that you ain't interested in being tied down by some kid by having a foursome with a bunch of side characters.
This series is 11 episodes long and has the greatest payoff in the history of terrible highschool dramas.

Imagine pokemon for a second, but change a few details. First, replace the pokemon with 112(?) hot chicks of varying moe stereotypes. Next, replace "weaken them through battle, throw a pokeball to catch them, mash a+b" with "weaken them by being the protagonist in a harem show, make out with them to capture them". With me so far? Good. That is the premise of Sekirei. 100 some girls with superpowers are sent out into the city to find their destined master (they know who this is because they start getting all hot and bothered when in close proximity to him/her) then they forge a contract (by kissing/groping) and battle other masters with other scantily-clad pokemon girl things. Most battles end with both parties naked. Normally you only get one sekirei, by season's end, protagonist has like 5 and counting. Features Kamina as a supporting character. 11 episodes, second season pending.

Shuffle is about a guy (named Rin, voiced by Kyon) who lives in a version of earth where gods and demons mingle amongst the normal human beings as if it were normal. His harem initially consists of one girl who lives with him and tends to his every need and whim (Kaede), and quickly grows to about 7 by episode 3. The main gimmick of the show is that both the king of gods and the king of demons wish for Rin to marry their respective daughters (they fight over which one he should pick a lot). He would, of course, then become the king of the realm he choses. It's 24 episodes of them all fighting over him, and the drama that ensues.

Zero no Tsukaima:
Literally meaning "The Familiar of Zero", this show is about precisely that. It's about some school in an alternate universe or something that is basically a vague ripoff of hogwarts. They train kids in the use of magic. The first project of their first year is to summon a familiar, which is typically an animal that becomes your permanent partner for life. The familiar is seemingly random, normally tied to the personality of the summoner. That's when our female protagonist steps up. Her name is Louise, and she is widely regarded as the largest failure in the entire school, and as such her nickname is "Zero". She steps up, does the summon and out pops a very confused human boy named Saito. We find out that Saito is from Earth, has no idea where he's wound up, and has inherited some very special powers. Great premise, absolutely terrible execution. There's like 37 episodes between 3 seasons and at the very end of each they reset the relationship between Saito and Louise to the status quo, having her scream "STUPID DOG!" and then abuse him or something. The first season is okay, everything after the last episode of season 1 gets progressively worse.

Action/Seinen (for adults)/They fight sometimes and the rest of the show is boring

Akagi is a very broken young man. He seemingly has no fear, no feelings of self-preservation to speak of. He utilizes this in the best way possible, on gambling. One night after winning a game of chicken (but plunging off of a cliff into the ocean anyway) he ducks into a lonely, dark, mahjong parlor. What he finds there are a group of men betting on the game. He himself has never played, but after being roped into playing (and learning as he does) we find out that he's a veritable genius, simply because of his ability to gamble. The show follows this legend as he plays with stakes and opponents that become progressively more ridiculous and difficult. Basic knowledge of mahjong helps to watch this, but is not required. There's two reasons for this: 1) Triad did a wonderful job subbing the show and including helpful notes both in the show and on their website and 2) even when you learn the rules you won't know what the fuck is going on more than half the time, not even the characters within the show understand it. It's part of the experience. 24 episodes, not for those with ADD or who can't appreciate giant noses.

Black Lagoon:
This is about a japanese business man named Rokuro (nickname: Rock) who, through being abandoned by his company winds up with a small band of mercenaries in a lawless town called Roanapur, on the coast of Thailand. They primarily work as smugglers. The show is mostly about Rock and how he slowly adapts to life as an outlaw, but also deals with his relationship with Revy, (known as "two-hands") a fellow mercenary with a mysterious past, who provides the muscle for Lagoon Company.
2 seaons, 24 episodes with a 3rd season on the way. Considered by many (including myself) to be an extremely good show, despite some failings in the pacing department.

you already know what this is, i'm not going to show it anyway

Busou Renkin
Written by the author of Rurouni Kenshin, this show is basically just a parody of every single shounen series ever made. The villains are incredibly flamboyant and/or campy, the protagonists constantly break the fourth wall and at the same time it still manages to be a decent show. If someone didn't tell you this show was a parody, you may not notice (though you might start asking questions by the time Moonface shows up). Simply good, especially when you can write off all of the lazy plot devices and the mediocre ending as parody. 24 episodes I think.

Cowboy Bebop (Dub)
Spike dies.

Darker Than Black
It's basically an extremely anime version of X-men. It's basically a show about Contractors, beings who have acquired great power in exchange for a hefty price: Their human emotions. In addition to this, all contractors must perform a remuneration after using their powers, with the offering varying from eating hardboiled eggs to breaking ones own fingers. The story centers on a specific contractor named Hei, who has the power to control electricity, and suspiciously has no remuneration to speak of. The show plays out in a series of 2-3 episode arcs, all of which are self-contained. 25 episodes + a DVD bonus ep.

Death Note
100% chance you've already seen this.

Fate/Stay Night
Type-moon anime based on the wildly popular visual novel by the same title. The anime details the events of the "Fate" storyline and does a mostly faithful job of it. The gist of the show is that 7 magus summon seven different heroes of legend to do battle with each other for control of the Holy Grail, an object which can grant any wish the user desires. The protagonist, Shirou Emiya, is only technically a magus. His deceased adoptive father never taught him much of the trade. After seeing something he shouldn't have, Shirou is killed, brought back to life, and then nearly killed again. In a fit of desperation he accidentally summons the most powerful servant of all.

Proof positive that making sense is completely independant from being entertaining.

Full Metal Alchemist Movie (Dub)
A direct continuation of the anime storyline, the movie focuses on the now-separated brothers attempting to re-unite by any means possible. Pretty cool, but if you're one of those manga purists be warned: This has even MORE nazis.

Ghost Hunt
Series of self-contained story arcs wherein a professional ghost hunter, his schoolgirl sidekick, a monk, a miko, a spirit medium, and an austrailian priest all go around solving paranormal problems for people. Gives off definite Detective Conan/Scooby Doo vibes. It's actually pretty good and vastly underappreciated.

Ghost In the Shell: SAC (Dub)

Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni (Seasons 1-2 + OVA)
Based on a visual novel, Higurashi is about a rural town called Hinamizawa and specifically a group of five kids living in it. The first season is a series of seemingly unrelated 4-5 episode story arcs in which things start out nice and happy and progressively go to shit, winding up with one or more of the kids dead. It resets everytime, and eventually we find out that you can't actually believe everything you see. The first season is, as mentioned, individual arcs that simply tell a story. The second season attempts to answer the questions posed by the first, and in doing so has a much different tone in comparison.

Kaze no Stigma
This show is about some chick who belongs to a clan that controls fire magic or something. She's the heiress to the family and gets a special fire sword that we're supposed to believe is really special. Anyway, some smug douchebag who had no talent with fire magic gets kicked out of the family only to return years later a master of wind magic. Turns out he's not such a bad dude, he and fire-chick get into a tsundere pseudo-relationship. Show consists of them killing monsters and stuff. 24 episodes or so? It was definitely 24-26.

Mai HiME
Mai Otome
Nanoha (Seasons 1-3)
Naruto (mostly deleted)
Rozen Maiden Seasons 1+2
Shakugan No Shana (Seasons 1+2)
Toaru Majutsu no Index
Soul Eater


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If you liked Aria then watch Sketchbook.
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I have a couple of things that Shere may or may not have, so I'll just list whatever isn't on his list. I'll add more to this list as I get more shit that no one else has.

DA - Dual audio
DVD - DVD quality/resolution
480p - better than DVD, sometimes re-encoded in H.264
720p/1080p - in this resolution with H.264 encode (usually a BD rip)
H.264 - high bitrate frames + AAC/OGG audio

Last update: 2/16/2011


Black Lagoon + Black Lagoon: Second Barrage + Roberta's Blood Trail OVAs (12/12/2+) - DVD/DVD/720p
See Shere's description. I have both seasons in Dual Audio; despite what others say, the dub is actually quite exceptional compared to most other shows. The OVAs are currently being released, so they are in Japanese.

Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' On Heaven's Door - 720p + DA
Taking place somewhere after episode 9 (but before episode 23) of the Cowboy Bebop series, this is a full-length movie set in Mars, where the Cowboy Bebop crew hears about a huge reward for bringing in a terrorist who has been using a unleashing chemical weapons on the city. Spike and the others soon find out that this job is more dangerous than meets the eye. The movie features top-notch animation, a well-paced and driven story, and the awesome music of Yoko Kanno, who also does the music for the series. But you already knew that.

Ghost in the Shell (GITS) + GITS:SAC:Solid State Society + GITS2: Innocence - All are Japanese + 1080p
The original GITS movie was released in 1995 and was based on the manga of the same name. GITS:SAC:SSS came after the release of Stand Alone Complex, and thus shares the same animation style as SAC, as is with GITS2: Innocence. All three are great; good story and even better animation. Innocence may not be for everyone, as there is much less action, triple mindfuck, and a very incoherent plot (until at the very end).

Gunslinger Girl + Gunslinger Girl: Il Teatrino (13/13+2 OVA) - DVD + DA
In a politically divided Europe, children who are involved in terrible accidents are given a second chance though a life-changing procedure that turns them into superhuman assassins. With their memories wiped, their only life is to follow their "big brother", with whom they conduct assassinations. This show isn't necessarily about the action (although it's very good) but rather about the human element and how these child-assassins lack memory or understanding of what it is to be a normal child. The second season isn't worth watching for two reasons: 1. the story isn't quite as good, and 2. the animation isn't done by Madhouse, and therefore not nearly as good (this really bothered me).

Hellsing (13) - DVD
Set in London in the 90s, there exists the Hellsing Organization whose sole purpose is to destroy supernatural entities and protect society from harm; specifically vampires, grouls, and unclassified "freaks". Hellsing's main agent, a Class S vampire known as Alucard, is sent to kill freaks. One day, police woman Seras Victoria gets taken hostage by a vampire, and in the crossfire gets shot by Alucard in order to kill the vampire. In her dying moments, Seras is forced to make a choice between death or life as a vampire...

Hellsing Ultimate (7+) - 720p + DA*
A re-envision of the Hellsing manga, this is an extremely well-animated set of OVAs that follows the manga more closely than the older thirteen episode series. There's a ton of action and gore, and at times the story gets dragged, boring, or becomes non-existent; but the good far outweighs the bad, and definitely worth the watch if you want some action. Some of them aren't dubbed yet.

Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade - 720p
This is a feature film that is part of a trilogy (read: Kerberos Saga), and worth watching at least once. Without giving up too much of the story, it is set in an alternate 1950s Japan, who banned from creating a military, instead create a city police force to deal with social unrest. The movie is primarily a thriller/suspense film with short but intense and riveting action sequences, human psychology, and a story that keeps you engaged.

Monster (74) - 480p (LQ) + Japanese
I haven't watched this yet. From MAL: Kenzo Tenma, a brilliant Japanese brain surgeon working in Germany, saves the life of a small boy who has been shot in the head. Little does he know that doing so would destroy his entire career at the hospital and that his fiancé would leave him. When the hospital director and doctors of the hospital staff are suddenly murdered, he gets a second chance but also renders him as the main suspect to the murders. Life goes on for Tenma as he saves people at the hospital, and he goes back to the joy of being a surgeon again. Years later, an injured thief gets brought to the hospital. After Tenma saves his life, he finds out that the thief is involved with the rising count of serial murders happening in Germany. Suddenly Tenma is involved in it all when the little boy, who is now a young man, turns up and kills the thief in cold blood right in front of Tenma. Now Tenma must clear his name, find out more about the boy he saved in the past, and reevaluate what the value of life is.

RIN: Daughters of Mnemosyne (6) - 480p + DA
Private investigator Rin Asogi is an immortal human who runs her own detective office in Shinjuku during the 90s. She became immortal by absorbing a time spore from the legendary tree Yggdrasil, making her unable to age and able to regenerate bodily damage at a quick rate. I haven't actually watched it yet, but through a quick preview of the first episode, it seems like a dark, grotesque crime thriller with excellent characters.

Spriggan - DVD + DA Currently Unavailable.
Another action film set in a semi-futuristic world, and good if you enjoy long action sequences with limited story. Essentially, the United States secretly attempts to seize ancient artifacts, one of which later is revealed to control the fabled "Noah's Ark", which is actually a hyper-advanced ship capable of controlling evolution and Earth's climate. A special "Spriggan" agent of ARCAM (basically the secret world police force) is sent to single-handedly destroy everything and kill everyone in order to stop the evil U.S. plot. Like I said before, it's the action that makes this movie, and pretty decent at that. Runtime: 90 minutes

Dragon Ball Z: The World's Strongest* + The Tree of Might* + The Dead Zone - *Ocean Group dub/DVD or new dub/remastered
These movies are from the early Dragon Ball Z universe (Gohan is still young). If you like Dragon Ball/Z at all, I highly recommend these movies. The action sequences are great and the animation is good. However, only the movies with asterisks have the original Ocean Group dub (i.e. the original voice actors). The new dubs aren't bad, but the dialogue is a lot cheesier and the voices don't fit the characters as well. I tried muxing the original dub audio into the remastered video, but they have additional frames of video and it's a time consuming process for which I don't have the tools; so I've given up for now.


Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz - DVD remastered + DA
Taking place after the events of Gundam Wing, the world is finally able to establish peace with the space colonies; all armies begin disarmament and the legendary Gundams are sent on a shuttle to become incinerated in the sun. However, a secret coup takes place and Princess Relena is captured during a diplomatic meeting. A group of militants against the peace treaty have formed an army and have threatened to take over the earth and surrounding colonies. It's up to the Gundam pilots to stop them. This movie is decent, but there's a lot less mech action than I would have liked to see; it's still worth watching, though.

Slice of Life

Kino no Tabi (Kino's Journey) (13 + 2 OVAs) - DVD
A story about a woman named Kino and her talking motorcycle Hermes who travel to different lands to learn their customs. Kino believes that you can learn everything there is to learn about a city by staying three days and two nights in it. At first the story may seem a bit haphazard and pointless, but it's really about what Kino learns (and what you learn) by visiting these cities who have radically different laws and customs from one another; the bizarre, illogical, and the insane. There's some action but mostly talking and fuck yeah walking/riding a motorad.

Mushishi (26) - 480p H.264 + DA
I haven't watched this yet, but based on the synopsis it looks similar to Natsume Yuujinchou. It's about a guy named Ginko who investigate supernatural beings called 'mushi'; basic life forms that no one knows anything about.

Natsume Yuujinchou + Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou (Natsume's Book of Friends) (13/13) - DVD/720p
Natsume was shunned from his family and from society ever since he was a child because they thought he made things up; but it turns out that his ancestors had powerful spiritual abilities and the ability to see spirits. When his grandmother passed away, she left behind a calligraphy notebook with various names, which turned out to be the names of powerful spirits. Known as the Book of Friends, it can be used to summon any spirit to do the owner's bidding. It seems that Natsume's grandmother was able to defeat every spirit in the book to gain this power. Natsume sets off to return all the spirits' names, accompanied by the cat spirit Nyanko, who Natsume promised the book to should he die in the process. This is a great show with bits of action and comedy throughout to keep you engaged, but the main focus is on the stories told in each episode.

Summer Wars - Japanese + 1080p
Sometimes called "Digimon the Movie" it's a movie about math genius Kenji who gets framed when the worldwide net gets hacked by a malicious entity that controls everyone's "avatar" (hence Digimon). The animation is really good, the characters are well-designed, and there's also a lot of CGI. The plot itself isn't horrible and a lot of hype surrounded this movie because it was directed by the same guy who did Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo (see next entry).

Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time) - Japanese + 1080p
Makoto was leading a normal life until she finds something strange at her school that allowed her to jump back to specific moments in the past, allowing her to recreate future. At first she enjoys her new abilities, but she soon realizes that changing the past can have dire consequences for herself and those around her. I really liked this movie even though there wasn't any action in it; it's well animated, and the characters are a lot more human than your typical anime movie.

Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou (Yokohama Shopping Log) (2 OVAs spanning 4 episodes) - DVD
Known in English as "Yokohama Shopping Log" or "Yokohama Shopping Trip", YKK started as a popular manga series that eventually had an anime adaptations in the form of two OVAs consisting of two episodes each, making a total of four episodes. YKK is highly acclaimed for its setting, story and relaxed animation style. The story focuses on an android named Alpha who lives in a post-apocalyptic Yokohama, Japan, where the water level has risen and covered everything but hills and mountains. One day, her owner suddenly leaves on a trip and leaves her to care for the café on her own. The music is done by acoustic guitar duo GONTITI, whose tagline is "the most relaxing music on earth". There is absolutely no action at all, so you have to get immersed in the world... the music, the setting, and the characters... in order to get anything out of these OVAs.


Love Hina Again! - DVD Currently Unavailable.
Classic harem with the usual cast of women, plenty of fanservice, and cheesy storyline that actually has some continuity between the anime. Has some comedy in it, but for the most part it's just harem and fanservice. The DVD consists of three OVAs, running 24 minutes each.


Hanamaru Youchien (Hanamaru Kindergarten) (12) - 720p
A show about a guy who becomes a kindergarten teacher and falls in love with one of his female coworkers. Despite the rather silly premise of the show, it turned out to be excellent in terms of comedy, pacing and fanservice. Not that I care a lot about fanservice, and I am a rather story-driven person, but it really was good. I haven't had this much fun watching a romance show since Love Hina. WARNING: rage at the end

Kaichou wa Maid-sama! (26)
A cute love story between two high school students; Usui, the super cool guy, and Ayuzawa, the school's president. Ayuzawa is a tomboy who became class president at a school with a bad reputation and recently started accepting girls, and working her hardest to improve the school's image. She's also a bit of a misandrist (man-hater). But despite that, she also works at a maid cafe in order to support her mother and sister. When Usui finds this out by accident, he puts Ayuzawa into an awkward relationship with him, which eventually turns into love. There's a fair bit of comedy throughout the show. In retrospect this turned out to be pretty mediocre, both in terms of story and animation quality, but it's one of the few shows out there with GOOD END.

Studio Ghibli: yes, Ghibli gets its own section.

I essentially have every Studio Ghibli movie ever made. Most of these come from #niizk on Rizon IRC, who uses raw DVD or Blu-ray sources and does a good job of subbing.

Kiki's Delivery Service - DA/480p H.264
My Neighbor Totoro -DA/480p H.264
Nausicaa Valley of the Wind - Japanese/480p H.264
Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea - DA/1080p
Porco Rosso - DA/480p H.264
Princess Mononoke - Japanese/480p H.264
Spirited Away - Japanese/480p H.264

Howl's Moving Castle - English/DVD
Grave of the Fireflies - DA/DVD

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oh god we have to add descriptions for these? Well here's mine. I'm not going to bother describing things you should already know.


Haruhi s1

Love Hina

Lucky Star

Hellsing tv

Vandread - What if the sexes were separated for so long that they eventually began to view the other as an alien race? That's the basic set up. Throw in some mechs, some memorable characters (pyoro), and space fightan', and you've got Vandread.

Ghost in the Shell (series + movies)

MS Gundam - the original

Zeta Gundam - Set following the events of MS Gundam (though not immediately following MS Gundam). Yep, another teenager accidentally winds up in a Gundam and ends up turning the tide of the war. I know how that sounds, but this was a pretty good series.

ZZ Gundam - Set following the events of Zeta Gundam, ZZ (or Double Zeta) follows a crew of salvagers as they inevitably steal a Gundam and get involved in yet another war. Nowhere as good as Zeta or the original. Though the OP is damn snappy, ANIME JA NAI!

Gundam 0080 - subtitled War in the Pocket, a short (5 eps I think?) series that shows the point of view on the galactic war from a single colony's perspective. Madd will tell you it's awful and he's mostly right.

Gundam 0083 - subtitled Stardust Memory, another short (for Gundam standards) series at 13 eps. Like 0080, 0083 takes place before the Zeta or Double Zeta Gundams. Not a bad series overall, Gato and his Gundam really steal the show.

Memories - 3 vignettes written and directed by Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira). Science fiction with a morality twist in the vein of the twilight zone

Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Voices of a Distant Star - written and directed by Makoto Shinkai (5 cm/s),  VoaDS follow two friends who get separated in their teens. One gets sent into space to fight in a war while the other remains on earth. The movie follows how they stay in touch over great distances and time.

Patlabor I-III - Robots called "Labors" are employed in heavy construction work. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police has its own fleet of Patlabors to combat crimes and deal with accidents involving Labors. Kind of like GITS with more mechs and less sophistication.

Royal Space Force - subtitled The Wings of Honnêamise, Gainax's first film. The story is set in a parallel version of Earth, where an industrial civilization is flourishing amidst the backdrop of an impending war between two bordering nations. Revolves around a fledgling space program (space travel has yet to be accomplished)

Perfect Blue

Vampire Hunter D + Bloodlust - Vampires (the good kind, not the sparkly kind)

Tales from Earthsea - Hiyao Miyazaki movie about a patricidal prince and a mysterious girl. Throw in a couple wizards and you've got Tales from Earthsea.

5 cm/s

Gundam F91 - Was originally slated to be a series but ended up being a movie. That's usually a bad thing, but they did an OK job of it.

Char's Counterattack - Amuro and Char from MS Gundam go at it one last time.

Gundam Wing Endless Waltz

Ninja Scroll
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i can stream, if i reboot and fix my sound ever. but effort.

Everything i have is on DVD, and none of you guys have it.

This includes: Outlaw Star Perfect box set, Bastard!, and Soultaker ep 1-3. Otherwise, i do have a few episodes of Hellsing Ultimate on DVD if you want to crispin freeman, along with TTGL dub in the event shere dies.
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Don't bother adding descriptions to it unless it's super obscure, I'm just being a profag.

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